If I were to describe the Olathe show in one word, that word would be HOT... VERY HOT! For the folks who found their way there, it was a trip worthwhile. Excellent art from many diverse and interesting artists! If only the weather had cooperated a bit more :)... 98 Saturday when we left and 106 Sunday ... OWCH!

That said, we had much, much MUCH positive feedback about Kenna's work, it made the heat worthwhile! [And pointed out to your humble scribe the need for FANS! :)].

We came away energized and very much looking forward to our next show - JAPANFEST 2018!!


Lawrence- what a great day!

Got there about 9:00 - people already setting up! Ran around like crazy things :D but got everything in place. A couple of disappointments when our S hook system failed twice and hurt [not fatally!] a couple of pieces. Busy all day!

Everyone LOVED The Lady with Green Hair [Spring Dreams]. Part of the fun of a show is all the people we get to meet and this one was exceptional! Thank you so much for all your kind words and encouragement. We are penciling in plans [yes already :)] for next year!

FWIW - I will be posting updated images [specifically, out new tile line] over the next several days - gotta take the pictures first!

Look forward to seeing you all next year and hey, if you have an afternoon in June, we will be at Olathe Station's inaugural event and would love to see you there :)


Coming Events and Occurences


Good morning and excuse our dust - we are still settling into our new digs and unpacking boxes and trying to find a place for the cat and things like that. 

Still getting used to the website - didn't realize - until JUST NOW - comments were turned off. Pretty hard to have a dialogue when only one person can speak! :)

Added  four new pieces over the weekend. As they come out of the studio, they will appear here  so be sure and check in weekly to see the new stuff!

Speaking of content, descriptions and prices are being finalized and will be up later this week. 

Finally, we are looking into some new distribution channels and we are VERY excited about that!

Have a great week!